How to Survive 2

Type : Hack’n Slash game
Number of players : 1 to 4
Platform : PC / PS4 / Xbox One
Engine : Studio’s own engine
Developper : Eko Software
Publisher : 505 games
Role : Game designer, level designer, narrative designer
2016 – early 2017

How to Survive 2 is a little special to me, because it is the first profesionnal game I worked on and my first project at Eko Software. It started after the official release following a good ten or so months of early acces.

I worked on event updates, like halloween or easter free content and DLCs like “dead dynamite”. On this contents, I was in charge of designing new gameplay elements like features, levels, ennemies and new story missions.

Working on seasonnal  events was really fun, I had a lot of freedom and the humoristic tone of the game was a great opportunity to make some really funny stuff. Moreover, this freedom was a good way to create surprising elements for the players.

Dead dynamite DLC was even more challenging, because I had to create fully new story missions with a new quest-giver NPC, new ennemies, new weapons (from concept to scripting) and working with the art team to chose and create a totaly new environement which can be combined with the previous ones.

That experience was as challenging as it was interesting and brings me a lot of experience, giving me new weapons to work on the next Eko Software project : Warhammer : Chaosbane.