Published Games

Warhammer : Chaosbane (summer 2019)

Chaosbane is the first complete game I worked on from scratch. As a miniature hobbyist myself, it was kind of a dream to work on the famous Games Workshop fantasy licence.
During this long project I had the opportunity to work on both game and level design. I took part in the classes skills design, level building, ennemies behaviors and skills… Eventually, I had a hand in most of the gameplay-related elements of the game during the developement.

How to Survive 2

I worked on the post launch content of How to Survive 2 as my very first professionnal game experience. I had a lot of freedom on that content and I was involved in game, level, narrative design and even level building.
The numerous mechanics of HtS2, and its humoristic tone, were a great opportunity to experiment many different elements. Most of the time very… “fun zombie-based stuff”…