Fallen Steel

Type : Versus teamplay with asymmetrical gameplay
Number of players : 10 (4+1 vs 4+1)
Platform : PC
Engine : Unreal Engine 4
Role : Lead game designer ; Level Designer ;  Writer ; VFX artist (On drone abilities)
2015 – 2016

Fallen Steel is a versus game in which two teams of 5 mercenaries are hired by rival corporations to steal the technology of an unknown spaceship crashed on a big city. This teams are composed by 4 Commandos, with TPS gameplay, and an Operator, with a tactical top view and a combat drone.

This two teams should fight to capture aliens relays over the map and hack the ship’s signal to enter it. The first team to get the code release an alien beacon, carried by the operator’s drone, and must dropped it into an emitter to open the ship.
The first team which succeed to open the spaceship win the game.

Our main intention with Fallen steel was the cooperation within the team. We wanted our players to communicate and coordinate their actions as much as possible. In that way we decided to separate drastically one player from the others.

Indeed, the operator is the major USP of the game. When the commandos have a classical TPS gameplay with a huge firepower, the operator is both the support operative and the leader of the team. He controls a tactical drone in a top view and used this view and his abilities to support, scout and give intel to his team. The drone have combat abilities, like a flamethrower, tactical abilites like invisility and control abilities like an EMP stun, to denied his counterpart.

To control the 3 points on the map, the operator should interact with this point by standing over, get a code and give it to the commandos on the ground who can enter the code in the relay and capture it. Each code have a 30 seconds validity, so the operator can continue his recon while his team progess and give the code later.

This game was my last year project at Supinfogame. We were 7 students to work on it.  A downloadable proto should be available soon.

Concept arts by Hadrien Channac (our Lead Game Artist).

Little story about the project :

Initially Fallen Steel was a 4 players cooperative game in which 3 commandos with a tps gameplay have to infiltrate a city. The 4th player supports them with 3 drones, a tactical top view, RTS controls and specific support abilities.
The context was a little diferent because the characters were hired by a corporation to steal alien technologies and fight against governement forces. This mercenary team had to make his way through a city under military quarantine after the crash of an unknown spaceship. The game was about humanity lies and prejudices. We wanted to tease the players about this ship and their mission. We wanted to create a situation in which any of this extreme solutions (steal or destroy the tech) was good, and to build a debate within the players about it.

During the production, we encounters heavy issues and difficulties with AI and network. Our team had to make a choice 3 months before the release :  to stay in this way, trying to fix this issue without enough knowledge of it and no guarantee of succes or change a part of our concept by dropping AIs and making something different but surely fun.

We have chosen the second one, because we wanted to make something fun for our players.