Fallen Steel

Type : Cooperative action/infiltration (asymmetrical)
Number of players : 4 (3 commandos and 1 operator)
Platform : PC
Engine : Unreal Engine 4
Role : Lead game designer ; Level Designer ; Creative director and Writer
2015 – 2016

Fallen Steel is a 4 player cooperative game running on UE4 for PC in which 3 commandos with a tps gameplay have to infiltrate a city. The 4th player supports them through drones with a tactical top view, RTS controls and specific support abilities.

This game is my last year project at Supinfogame. We are 7 students working on it. The game is about humanity lies and prejudices.

In an alternative futur, a gigantic alien spaceship crash itself on a capital city. In reaction to the threat, the country made a quarantine zone and evacuate people. After few days of silence and immobility, the ship begins to spread devices in the city. This sudden act create a wave of panic in the government which decide to obliterate the ship with an atomic bomb placed inside it.

To not lose the technology of the ship, a group of scientific labs and companies create a commando to steal as much technologies as possible before the explosion at any cost. The members of this commandos are the players and they should make their way throught the quarantine zone and the government forces.


Concept arts by Hadrien Channac (our Lead Game Artist).