Thieves guild

Level design and AI scripting
Type : Infiltration 
Engine : Unreal Engine 4
February 2015

Thieves Guild was a personnal level design and blueprints training on UE4. I based my level on a medieval theme inspired by the city of my birth (Dijon) and the different French medieval cities that I visited during my childhood. That’s why the level is full of little alleys, courtyards and non-linear streets.

I used this little project to train myself on UE4 for Fallen Steel. In this regard, I focused my work on basic AI blueprints and behavior trees. The player has to use roofs and alleys to avoid guards and reach the top of a Cathedral without killing any of them.

I’m still using this project from time to time to train myself on UE4, may it be on blueprints, level design or level building with the numerous free assets available on this engine.