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Type : Paper role playing game
Role : Lead game designer ; Creative director and Writer
2012 – 2019 (Still WIP)

I began creating the Exodus universe around 2010, but this projects really started thanks to my friends at Supinfogame in 2015. Exodus is a “pen and paper” RPG that I’m developing with 3 friends as a personal project. It is a roleplay-oriented role playing game taking place in an original space-opera universe.

In a distant future, a galactic global civilisation with different species begins to slowly runs out of ressources. To counter this announced shortage, the galactic government create the “Independent Crews”. These spaceship crews, with a special status, go all around the galaxy to find new planets and new ressources. But, in this context of shortage, political and racial tensions rises.

The players embodies members of an Independent Crew and they have to make their way through political complications, space piracy and corporations’ secret wars…

The gameplay mechanics of Exodus are focused on roleplay and group dynamics. With this game we really wanted our players to embody who they want and be useful in any situation. Our system allows players to assist each other even if they dont have the skills to be in the heart of action.

Our main USPs are :

– An original and fully modular spaceship system allowing both the quick creation of a ship from scratch for game masters and to have a totaly customisable ship managed by the players.

– A specific telepathy mechanic and background, based on the roleplay and the interpretation of the players. This system is focused on pictures the character can see in mind of other people, with more or less details. The power of this ability is directly linked to the number of details the character can see.

The second prototype of the game is ready and fully playable. However, we are still working on it when we have common free time and we hope to be able to publish it one day… When we will be 100% satisfied with all the mechanics and Lore.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it.

Character Sheet v3.0
Spaceship Sheet v3.0