Personal Works

I spend a lot of time in writing and creating concepts, stories and scripts just for me or my RPGs games. Many of my personnal works are trainings or specifics projects with friends.
I love working with a team because I prefer big projects and the creative dynamics of a complete team. Moreover, in my opinion, shared and “matured” ideas of a team are better than individual ones.


Exodus is a “pen and paper” RPG that I’m developing with friends since many years. It is a roleplay-oriented role playing game taking place in an original space-opera universe. It’s a project in constant evolution, game mechanics becoming better and  the background more complete as our experience in the game industry grows.


Thieves Guild was a personnal level design and blueprint training on UE4. I still use it to train myself on this engine.


The Lost Temple was a personnal level design and level building training based on the theme : see and not be seen.