About me


      Passionate, creative and determined, I’d like to work on epic productions with passionnate teams and great challenges. My main goal is to work particularly on interactions between players and story. I’m aiming to work on huge projects where storytelling plays a major role in the experience. I have a real passion for narrative systems and ways to tell stories.

I’m specialised in narrative, level and game design and I’m working on my own pen and paper RPGExodus” since 2012. I love RPG games since I was 12 years old (both paper and video) and one of my dream is to make the best adaptation possible of this experience in a video game.

Even if my personnal preference goes to narrative design, I’m also a game and a level designer and I  love to work in that two domains too, especially on 3D games. Due to my passion for RPGs and board games, I have a personnal affinity for cooperative games and 3rd person view. Moreover, I have some skills in level building, thanks to a passion for visual compositing, drawing and my initial formation in cinema.

I grew up with the ancient myths, legends, old Hollywoods films and games like Baldur’s Gate and Fallout (1&2). I love games which put immersion and roleplaying mechanics at the heart of the experience. I’m also a gamer and I have many favorite games. Overall, the Baldur’s Gate and the Mass Effect series are in the top of my favorites for the intense emotions they create through interactions with NPCs. I’d love to work on that kind of games to offer to the players new adventures and exotic lifes in other universes.

I have huge experience in pen and paper RPGs, their mechanics and their community, from AD&D to Rogue Trader and many, many others, regardless to universes and systems. I’m also a specialist in classical, board and miniature games. I’ve written a paper for my third year in Supinfogame about the relationship between RPGs in video games and pen and papers. I’ve concentrated my researches on how to create the best interactions between storytelling and gameplay.

Passionate in European and Chinese ancient and medieval History, I have a good knowledge in many legends and myths of humanity through ages. I’ve been very influenced by Joseph Campbel’s theories and I know many of the ways to create stories and characters.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail for any informations about me, I’m always curious to discuss about all this subjects and exchange points of view.