Level, Narrative & Game Designer

Welcome traveller!

Hello, I’m Antoine, a level and game designer with a passion for narrative and coop mechanics.

I’m in love with role playing games, stories, legends and myths since my childhood, I want to pursue my career in vido games studios with teams passionate about their projects. I also have a very huge interest in coop-mechanics in game and narrative design.

I spent a part of my young life to finding how to tell stories and how to share them. Finally, I choose video games because I think it’s one of the best way to offer amazing adventures to people.

Strongly convinced that team work is the best way to get the better of individuals, I love to work with many different people, with different ideas, culture and references. In my opinion, working in a team is always an opportinity to learn and to put things into perspective, which is a good way to make your work better.
I want to be a part in the creation of the next epic adventure you’re gonna play!